​Tumble Classes

Level Classes:
All Levels- Class designed for levels 1-5 Beginners- Athletes that are working basics and back walkovers.

Level 2- must have solid back walkover and roundoff.

Level 3- must have solid round off double handspring.

Level 4- must have solid round off hand tuck and 5 connected standing handsprings.

Level 5- must have roundoff handspring tuck and standing tuck.

Flight School: designed for flyers to leaver proper stretch technique, flexibility, body positions, core
strength and much more.

Tiny Tumble: designed for our younger athletes to learn the fundamentals, motor skills & have fun!

Tiny Tumble- 3- 6 years

Warrior Program: combination of basic gymnastics, martial arts & obstacle courses. Warrior classes are
split by age and gender.

Warrior Boys- ages 5 & 6

Warrior Boys- ages 7-9

Warrior Boys- ages 10-12

Warrior Girls- ages 7-10

STUNT: designed for flyers to work with a stunt group to improve flying and work stunt drills.

                                             CLASS PRICING

Level Classes: 5-week session-$65/session $15/drop in if space permits

Flight School: 4-week session-Non TSC Athlete- $40/session TSC Athlete- $20/session

Tiny Tumble: 4-week session-$50/session $15/drop in if space permits

Warrior Program: 5-week session-$60/session $15/drop in if space permits

STUNT: 4-Week Session-$80/session $30/drop in if space permits


4-WEEKS: $99 6-WEEKS: $135
(excludes STUNT)